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General terms



1)     The rental agreement shall enter into force upon its being signed and ends with the lack of claims upon the return of the vehicle. The renter is liable for the faults that cannot be determined visually for another 48 hours.

2)     When renting a vehicle, the renter must present his/her passport/ID-card and full driver’s license – as well he/she must also have a mobile phone. Temporary/provisional driver’s license is not accepted (the Renter must have at least 2 years of driving experience). If the renter does not have a mobile phone, the rental agreement cannot be signed. The renter shall keep the phone in a working state enabling the sending and receiving of SMS messages.

3)     The renter has to be at least 21 21 and the maximum of 70 years of age (in exceptional cases 75 old)and shall not be subject to a valid criminal sanctions (or served criminal sanctions for a crime against property. In case of the first-time renter the rental company demands additional information (AO Autorent additional questionnaire).

4)     Registration of additional driver is free of charge. The same conditions as to the renter apply to additional driver (including the requirement to show up personally for the first-time renting of the vehicle). Only one additional driver per vehicle is allowed.

5)     As a rule the total amount of the rental fee is paid in advance. In case of special agreement (if rental period exceeding two weeks) the rental fee can be paid in advance partially. Internet bank transfer (also on rental point – in case the renter have local debit-card) and cash are accepted methods of payment. The price includes traffic insurance, Casco insurance, 24-hour free car help across the EU (in case of occurence insured) and regular maintenance/repair of the vehicle. The rental price does not include fuel, oils and liquids (if damage to the vehicle is caused by the shortage or lack of oil or other liquids in the system, the renter will bear all the costs related to the repair of the vehicle). Since the rental company is not subject to VAT, the price does not include VAT. If the rental fee is less than 36 EUR (except in case of first-time rental), the renter shall pay additional 6 EUR to cover the cost of delivering/returning of the vehicle (from/ back to rental point).

6)     As a rule the depositis 300 EUR (but can be more). The amount of the deposit depends on the own responsibility of the casco insurer which is 200 EUR for all the AO Autorent vehicles. The 100 EUR exceeding the own responsibility of the insurer is reserved for cases when the coefficient of involuntary insurance risk is increased due to an insurance event (single penalty clause) or (in case of a road accident with smaller damages) if the vehicle is returned with a fuel tank that is not totally filled and/or with dirty car interior.

7)     The deposit shall be refunded to the renter with the lack of claims upon the return of the vehicle: the vehicle is in the same state as in time of delivery except the normal and expected wear, complete (including additional equipment for the total sum exceeding 200 EUR), clean and with a fuel tank full to the brim. The renter has to confirm in written the lack/payment of parking tickets, as well as readiness to pay the possible speed camera fines. The renter agrees on the rental company’s right to collect the costs of the fines/enforcement costs 1.5 times the cost (for example if the renter cannot be reached by the means of communication shown in the agreement and the renter has supplied incorrect address).

8)     If the rental company finds out that the renter has provided false information, as well as in case of the rental company’s reasonable doubt that its vehicle is not in prudent use (later information about the person of renter/additional driver), the rental company has the right to terminate the agreement before the end of its period of validity by claiming back the vehicle. The claim is made by sending an SMS message on the matter to the renter who is obliged to return the vehicle within 4 hours after the sending of the message, irrespective of whether he/she has received the message or not. Penalty for the delay in returning the vehicle is 15 EUR per hour.

9)     In case of the first-time renter the delivery of the vehicle is carried out exclusively and with an advanced notice (by phone) from the person wishing to rent a vehicle only on the territory of AO Autorent on working days from 9 to 20 and weekends from 10 to 18. The rental company can pick up the renter candidate (within 5 km from the center of Tallinn) for free. In case of the following rentals the delivery of the vehicle to the location specified by the renter (within 5 km from the center of Tallinn) is available for an extra fee (10 EUR) on working days from 9.30 to 19.30. The rental company confirms the delivery by sending an SMS message containing the specified address and time. At other times and/or to other locations the delivery is carried out according to the agreement between the parties. In case of constant cold weather temperatures (below 12C) the rental company reserves the right to refuse the rental to first-time renters.

10)  As a rule the pre-contractual inspection of the vehicle is carried out together with the person representing the rental company who has in advance made a note of the vehicle’s possible small faults (bumps/scratches). As a rule the rental company is obliged to deliver the vehicle complete (the vehicle is fitted with all the manufacturer’s body/interior plastic details, hubcaps/doormats etc). If the renter has not made a note of the faults detected by him/her, the renter has no right on return of the vehicle to refuse to compensate the costs of repairing the faults detected. The renting company confirms that knowing to him all the main technical units of the vehicle (engine, gearbox, undercarriage etc) are it full working condition and have a sufficient working resource. If in doubt concerning the state of undercarriage or engine the rental company suggests to carry out technical inspection at a nearby car inspection company.
Comments: Inspection takes about 20 min. Inspection of the undercarriage – 5 to 7 min, price 5 EUR; inspection of the engine (exhaust emission measurement) – 5 EUR. If notable fault is detected the rental company pays for the inspection and enables the use of an alternative vehicle (at reduced rate).

11)  The renter shall use the vehicle in a prudent manner. Each time before starting the vehicle the renter has to make sure that the vehicle is in good working order. It is forbidden to drive outside the roads for B-category vehicles. Driving on roads without ground cover is at the renter’s own risk and the renter is to fully compensate the cost of the repair of the damages caused by the driving on such roads. The rental company strongly recommends to prefer roads with tarmac cover over gravel roads since the removal of dust from the interior of the vehicle/early replacement of air filters and the engine wash increase significantly the cleaning cost of the vehicle.
Comments: Replacement of the air filter – 25 EUR, (chemical) cleaning of the interior – 80 to 120 EUR, the engine wash is as a rule done at a carwash at the client’s own risk, i.e. the client is responsible for the later faults in electrical system (caused by moisture).

12)   The vehicle may not be used for sport training and/or racing, for driving lessons, to tow other transportation devices. Without a prior written consent it is forbidden to use the vehicle for providing a paid service (for example taxi service). The vehicle may not be used for the transportation of goods (without prior consent – SMS message on the matter sent by the rental company). The vehicle may not be used for illegal purposes, rented out ahead and it is forbidden to entrust a third person to drive the vehicle (as well to give up the ignition key). It is also forbidden to enter without prior consent (SMS message containing the specified address/phone number) to the workplace territory of ANY car repair/maintenance company (with the exception of carwash recommended by the rental company) – irrespective of possible reason.

13)  The rental company shall replace tires with tread depth (due to natural wear) below 3 mm. The renter shall check the condition of tires by measuring tire pressure when in doubt. Broken/unusable tire together with its partner shall be returned to the rental company. The cost of the pair of tires is refunded on account of the deposit. The cost of the tires is calculated as follows: cost of one tire with tread depth of 3 mm is 10 EUR and each following mm of tread depth (up to 6 mm) adds another 10 EUR to the price (more than 6 mm – 12 EUR). For example the price of a pair of tires with tread depth of 5 mm: 2x(10+2×10)=60 EUR.

14)  Sanctions and fines. Dirty vehicle – 1.5 times its cleaning cost. Unfilled fuel tank – cost of the fuel plus fine of 5 EUR. Fine for smoking, eating and/or drinking alcohol inside the vehicle – from 100 EUR up to the cost of the seat covers and the replacement (300 to 500 EUR). Abandonment of the vehicle (including in case of road accident) or loss of the vehicle as a result of fraud – the value of the vehicle plus two-month’s rental fee (minimum of 500 EUR). Loss of ignition key – 120 to 200 EUR (in case no other associated damages incur). Loss, breakage of vehicle’s parts and/or additional equipment (Annex 1) or replacement of aforementioned by unusable/in a worse condition/cheaper analog – 1.5 times the rental company’s damages. Penalty clause in case of returning the vehicle later than agreed (a pre-announced delay exceeding 1 hour and unannounced delay of over 30 min is considered as additional renting day) – double the rental fee, the renter is in addition to compensate the rental company’s loss from the unavailability of the vehicle for the reservation of another client. Damages of the rental company which are not covered by insurance caused by the actions or undoing (except in case of road accident) of the renter/additional driver or a third person – cost of the damages plus the cost of time spent for repairing the damages (10 EUR per hour). Interest of 0.25% per day on account of late payment of the financial liabilities and possible court of justice is added to the aforementioned fines and sanctions. The renter also agrees on the rental company’s right to make public the unfulfilled claims (which the rental company does not consider to be intentional from the renter’s behalf) on the Credit Registers after the passing of 14 days. The rental company may make public claims caused by the renter’s intentional/non prudent actions after the passing of 24 hours since the claim was made.

15)  The renter shall pay all the claims made by the rental company within 14 calendar days. The claims shall also be paid in case a misdemeanor/criminal investigation or investigation of an insurance case is conducted for the purpose of establishing facts. A written claim sent by post to the home or company’s address indicated in the agreement (and an SMS message on the matter) is considered as received by the renter. If the renter does not agree to the claim or its amount he/she has the right to submit a complaint within 14 days of receiving the claim. If no complaints are submitted the renter agrees to the claim to its full amount and no later complaints are taken into account. If claims are not paid the parties apply to Harju Maakohus (the judge of Harjumaa, Estonia).

16)  Refilling of vehicle. All vehicles are equipped with Statoil Eesti AS gold-level client card. It is in the renter’s own interest to refill the tank exclusively in Statoil gas stations (to avoid the compensation of engine failure caused by poor quality fuel). The fuel invoice must be presented when returning the vehicle (its accordance with the distance travelled indicator is checked). The invoice must not be issued to the name of rental company and is returned to the renter.

17)   The vehicles are subject to mileage limits according to the following formula: each 10 cents paid as rental fee gives the renter the right to drive 1 km without extra fee (i.e. 1 EUR=10 km). On return of the vehicle the total rental fee in Euros equals to the amount of free kilometers times 10. Example: the renter has paid for a ten-day’s rental the total of 30+25+24+23+22+21+20+19,5+19+18,5=222EUR and therefore his mileage limit is 222×10=2220km! In case of the rental of the same vehicle for 4 weeks the amounts are as follows: 165(week 1)+126(week 2)+112(week 3)+105(week 4)=508EUR and 5080km and for the renter using the full discount 28x12x10=3360km. The sums to be paid for the compensation of rental company’s claims are not taken into account (as a rule) when calculating free mileage. An extra fee of 0.055 EUR per km will be charged for exceeding the rental car limits.

18)   Geographical limits for Estonian residents. A) First-time renter is forbidden to drive the vehicle outside of Estonia without a written consent. B) During the following renting periods the renter is allowed with the prior consent (SMS on the matter from the rental company) to drive the vehicle within Baltic States on condition that the vehicle is located in Estonia at least during half of the rental period. C) Driving in other EU countries (incl. Scandinavia) is allowed with the prior written agreement between the parties. D) It is not allowed to drive the vehicles of AO Autorent outside of the EU countries.

19)  In case the renter being a non-Estonian resident the crossing of Estonian border is forbidden.

20)  Liability in case of technical breakdown. The rental company is not to be held liable for the cost of delay or cancellation of travel caused by the vehicle’s technical breakdown. Free car aid (across the EU) guarantees the return of the accident car to Tallinn or to nearest car repair company (in case if technical fault happen outside of Estonia). The renter shall act immediately in case of signs of possible malfunction in the vehicle’s technical state (warning light on dashboard which will not go out when liquids are added; engine’s uneven/defective operation; vibration on acceleration/breaking etc). The aforementioned are considered as emergency situations and the renter shall immediately (24/7) inform the rental company (by phone). The rental company shall assist within its limitations – identification of the fault and determination of the following actions (whether to continue driving the vehicle for a limited time or to call for towing service); finding/booking of nearby accommodation (and new rental vehicle) etc. The cost of communication is to be covered by the renter. The renter is to fully compensate the repair cost of the technical faults caused by the renter’s negligence (according to the car repair/maintenance company’s price quote) as well as the loss of income (the number of days taking to repair the damages multiplied by the average rental fee – the maximum in the amount of three weeks). The damages shall be collected/deducted from the deposit (+ later judgement, if deposit turn out to be sufficient).

21)  In case of a traffic accident (with human injuries) the renter MUST inform the police of the incident. An other case renter must make out local questionary OR inform the police on the place. On any case it´s also most reasonable to inform Rental Сompany immediately (24/7) by phone (to not stay guilty without reason – for example).

22)  As a rule the first-time renter shall return the vehicle to the territory of AO Autorent in accordance to the time prescribed by the agreement (seven days of week from 9 to 20). In case of the following rentals, for an extra fee (12 EUR on working days from 9.30 to 19.30) and with prior agreement (SMS message containing the address and time of the return), the vehicle can be returned to the location specified by the renter (within 5 km from the center of Tallinn). The vehicle cannot be returned outside the territory of AO Autorent from 20 to 9. If the vehicle is not in the state as prescribed by the agreement (the vehicle is dirty/covered with snow), the renter shall pay additional 7 EUR per hour to compensate for the lost time (driving to carwash/time spent to wash the vehicle). The return of the vehicle by a third party is not allowed – in such case the existence of notarial statement on the third party’s readiness to pay for possible claims by the rental company is must.

23) The process of returning the vehicle takes 15 to 20 min and includes its inspection. On return the vehicle shall be clean (body, interior, engine room and trunk). In case of rental period of few days and in constant good weather conditions the renter may consider returning the vehicle without its body wash in condition that in case of difference in opinions the opinion of the rental company shall prevail. The vehicle covered with even a light layer of dark dust/snow is not acceptable. The dry cleaning of vehicle’s interior may be done by the rental company for an extra fee of 3 to 5 EUR. The vehicle must be returned with a fuel tank filled to the brim. The cost of missing fuel (more than 1 l) will be deducted from the deposit at its price times 1.5. The additional equipment shall be compact in the case as in time of delivery of the vehicle.

24) Have a pleasant and problem-free rental experience!

1) Spare wheel – depending on condition 30-70 EUR

2) Wheel wrench – 10 EUR (B-part) or 20 EUR (original)

3) Towing hook – 25 EUR

4) Car jack – 15 EUR (B-part) or 40 EUR (original)

5)Tyre changing equipment base (original) – 25 EUR

6) Hubcups (total of 4 pieces) – 2,5 EUR (B-part) or 7 EUR (original)

7) Doormats (set) – 25 EUR (B-parts)or 50 EUR (originals)

8) Tool kit – 11 EUR

9) Fire extinguisher – 13 EUR

10) First aid kit – 11 EUR

13) Warning triangle – 6 EUR

14) Stop blocks – 4 EUR

15) Safety vest – 4 EUR

16) Flashlight (including generator and batteries) – 5 EUR

17) Engine fuel 1l (according to maker’s requirements) – 10 EUR

18) Cooling fluid (1l) – 3 EUR

19) Parking clock – 2 EUR

20) Washing and drying cloths for windows (special) –1,5 and 4 EUR

21) Maps of Tallinn and Estonia – 2x2EUR

22) Snow brush and glass cleaner – 4 and 1,5 EUR

23) Snow shovel – 6 to 20 EUR


TOTAL:  190-330 EUR

Car with registration No. ………………………. has tin/alloy wheels (4 pieces) with the total cost of ………………EUR

Car has tyres ……………………………………………. (make and model) with tread depth of …………. mm