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About us

AO Autorent is a young car renting company. Having started in September 2012 we hope to find our place on the car rental market. Our moto is – more car for the same money. In order to keep the maintenance costs down our car park consists mainly of one car model – Ford Fiesta, which is the favorite choice for lots of Western European renters. We believe that this model is highly competitive due to its simplicity, durability as well the availability and prices of its spare parts. Our cars are 4 to 7 years old with the mileage of 60,000 to 130,000 km and have not been used by another car rental company before.

All our cars have diesel-fueled engines, which mean a fuel economy at 2 to 3 liters per 100km (compared, for example, to same generation of Fiesta with gasoline engine)! This circumstance will give you an economy about 25 EUR in case: the rental period are 5 days with the 150km daily mileage! It´s more than the price discount in case of our competitors´ popular „weekend bargain offer“ for gasoline cars.

The main benefit of our loyalty client program is affordable rental fee even in case of short-time rentals (2 to 3 days). The client who has paid the rental fee for the first „expensive“ rental days/weeks (in essence also totally competitive price) will enjoy a further price drop in case of the following rentals. The price will continue to lower with each next rental – and this until summer 2013!

A „revolutionary“ beginning has been made by us (see the price list) and we wish to continue the evolutionary road together with You – our dear client. In half year’s time (if the total amount of rental days has reached 40 to 60 days) You may be able to enjoy daily rental fee near of 10 EUR/day level („mini“ and „micro“ offers – with 100 km and 60 km daily mileage limits accordingly).